The Asia International Center offers an expanding sphere of communication and a versatile platform to support a growing network of interaction. With a focus on cultural exchange, academic collaboration and economic cooperation, the AIC facilitates international engagement through professional consultation and communication programs that emphasize a cohesive presentation of comprehensive information. As a Window on Asia, the AIC strives to present a deeper level of knowledge and a wider scope of information to bring about optimum public understanding. As a regional think tank, the center is focused on concept development to generate a plethora of possibilities for improving the quality of life in Asia and in the West. And, as an interactive incubator, the AIC provides a flexible framework for small business and social enterprise to put theory into practice and maximize economy of scale through a grassroots network that serves as a catalyst for a spectrum of innovative joint ventures and multilateral projects. By encouraging closer coordination within Asia and by supporting an East-West "Concept Corridor," our members work to synthesize and apply insightful thinking and promising research.