The Asia International Center offers an expanding sphere of communication and a versatile platform to support a growing network of interaction. With a focus on cultural exchange, academic collaboration and economic cooperation, the AIC facilitates international engagement through professional consultation and communication programs that emphasize a cohesive presentation of comprehensive information. As a Window on Asia, the AIC strives to present a deeper level of knowledge and a wider scope of information to bring about optimum public understanding. As a multifaceted think tank, the center is focused on concept development to generate a plethora of possibilities for improving the quality of life in Asia and in the West. By encouraging closer coordination within Asia and by creating an East/West "Concept Corridor," our members can synthesize disparate approaches and augment the potential of promising research from each region. And, as an interactive incubator, the flexible framework enables small business and social enterprise to put theory into practice and maximize economy of scale through a grassroots network that serves as a catalyst for a spectrum of innovative joint ventures and multilateral projects.